MultiCopy – The reliable paper

Below you will find information about the product MultiCopy Original.


With MultiCopy in your machines paper jams are a thing of the past. Every sheet of MultiCopy is vacuumed before they are packed so you don’t have to worry that it will deposit dust in your machines. Imagine what a difference that’ll make to the health of your machines!

Printing results

MultiCopy Original is a top quality, multifunctional paper that works in all types of office machines in both colour and black & white. The paper has high whiteness and carries the ColorLok label as a guarantee of more vivid colours, deeper blacks and faster drying.



MultiCopy Original is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF), carries the Nordic Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel and is available FSC certified. No carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is emitted during production which is entirely unique.

MultiCopy is manufactured at Nymolla Mill in southern Sweden. The majority of the timber is sourced within 100 km of the mill, ensuring short delivery routes. Also woodchips from local sawmills are a key raw material.

Two or three new trees are planted for every tree harvested, so that the regeneration is always assured. Young growing trees absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than older trees, so harvesting and replanting are core components of responsible forestry, helping to reduce global warming.




MultiCopy Original is available in 75, 80, 90, 100, 115 and 160 g/m2.

Sizes: A4, A3, folio sheets and reels. Also available in the XpressBox of 2500 unwrapped sheets.

In short – you only need one paper to keep things running smoothly!


With a cheap paper you can count on paper jams in your machines from time to time. For every stop there’s a cost in terms of time, reduced productivity, irritation and perhaps extra machine maintenance. So how many stoppages does it actually take to eat into the price differential? Not many. When that smart presentation for you customer doesn’t look quite as smart on paper as it did on screen, there have to be adjustments and then a reprint. Again, not exactly economical. So is there a simple solution to this? Yes, MultiCopy.